Information Technology & Communication

MMA specialists in Information technology, media and telecommunications law advice clients in this sector operating or looking to enter into the Kuwait market.

With extensive experience of the regulatory landscape in many Gulf jurisdictions, we assist our clients get to market quickly while avoiding many of the pitfalls of operating in a new jurisdiction.

We advise on licensing requirements and policy and market developments in this highly regulated sector.

We also assist in a wide array of corporate mergers and acquisitions and commercial agreements which take into account technology, media and telecommunications regulatory requirements. These range from all forms of infrastructure sharing arrangements, to fiber optic network deployments, to system integration, software development, software or platform licensing, IT services (in all forms including outsourcing) to providing comprehensive advice on data protection, compliance and data breach and incident response.

In the telecommunications sphere, our close relationships with government agencies and industry regulators are a significant factor in our ability to provide exceptional advice to our telecommunications Clients regarding the environments in which they operate. We have extensive experience advising on regulatory requirements, particularly in relation to licensing as well as compliance. We have assisted our clients to respond to policy and market developments in the sector. We have also been involved in a range of transactions to give effect to sharing arrangements.

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