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On May 25, storyline spoilers for future seasons of Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 appeared on the network. Soon, Massive Entertainment spokesman Chris Glanzer commented on the drain, and also confirmed information about the studio’s immediate plans.


According to the port https://www.hermitgamer.com/, the glanzer got in touch with gamers in Reddit. In his post, he expressed regret over recent spoilers that could spoil the impression of many players, and also urged not to distribute them without a warning. He also said that regarding the new content, "nothing has been decided yet."


In addition, Glanzer confirmed that the studio is working not only on new seasons, but also on PvE mode, which aims to increase replay value.


“It is still at an early stage of development and will not appear in the near future. We understand the comparisons to Underground [an addition to Tom Clancy’s The Division, released in 2016], but we want to make it clear: we don’t plan to make a copy of the mode from the first game. And this new product will not become Underground 2.0, it will be unique, ”the representative of the studio emphasized.


Recall, the release of the sequel to the multiplayer action movie Tom Clancyʼs The Division 2 took place in March 2019. It is known that the second season starts on October 15, 2020.