Al-Nahar Newspaper interviewed MMA Law’s Founder and Chairman

Al-Nahar Newspaper interviewed MMA Law’s Founder and Chairman Mr. Mohammad Meslet Abu Raqabah who discussed several issues related to the investment’s laws, digital transformation, PPP, SME, and other matters as below.

For more information, we are attaching the full interview.

Ø Investment laws in Kuwait need to be redrafted to attract investors, especially the laws related Public Private Partnership.


Ø Logistics projects in “Mubarak Port” will be a gateway and major contribution to logistics services in the region.


Ø The governmental digital transformation will achieve transparency and equality and will lead to significant investment and business development as well.


Ø We need to pay more attention for improving human capabilities, as they will be the criterion for countries' development.


Ø Adopting the implementation of Oil & Gas projects through PPP model will achieve the required production targets.


Ø Reliance on technology and artificial intelligence in the health sector will improve the services provided to patients, increasing the level of health sector employees, and implementing strict governance.


Ø The business incubator system must be applied for small and medium enterprises in a correct and innovative way to build projects capable of developing themselves.


Ø After the dissolution and suspension of Parliament, the Government is directly entitled to issue the necessary legislation to achieve the development plans.